A National Research Infrastructure for Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts in Sweden

IIIF 2023 Online Meeting, December 5-7, 2023

Dr Patrik Granholm, National Library of Sweden


  • National research infrastructure for medieval and early modern manuscripts in Sweden

  • Developed and maintained by the National Library of Sweden

  • Descriptions and digitisations of manuscripts dating from the 4th to the 19th century, mainly Greek, Latin, Old Swedish and Icelandic

    • 520 manuscripts (379 digitised)
    • ca 110 000 images
  • The long-term aim is to include all medieval and early modern manuscripts in Sweden

  • TEI is used for the manuscript descriptions
  • IIIF for the digitised manuscript


  • Built entirely using open-source software
    • eXist-db, an XML database with indexing and search functionality, and functions for converting TEI to HTML
    • IIIF implementation using IIPImage Server and Mirador
    • Editing interface built with React.js
  • Source code and TEI files available on GitHub
  • Images available free of restriction (CC0 Public Domain)