The editor from past to future

Patrik Granholm, National Library of Sweden

Leif-Jöran Olsson, Språkbanken, University of Gothenburg

TEI Conference and Members’ Meeting
University of Graz, September 19, 2019


  • A digital catalogue of medieval and early modern manuscripts preserved in Swedish libraries

  • Developed and maintained by the National Library of Sweden

  • TEI is used for the manuscript descriptions
  • IIIF for the digitised manuscripts
  • Current status
    • 365 manuscripts (163 digitised in full)
    • 50 000 digitised manuscript pages
    • 12 000 authority files for persons, organisations, places, works, and bibliographical records


  • With an XML editor

    • steep learning curve

    • time-consuming

    • error prone

  • With a web editing interface

    • knowledge of TEI not necessary

    • time-saving

    • simplifies the cataloguing process

Demo of the editor

Manuscripta – the Editor

  • eXist-db app, now also supporting version 5.0, but dropping support for 2.2
  • ReactJS – reusable (UI) components
  • Authority database lookups (persons, organisations, places, bibliography)
  • Advanced templating which can be added and changed by the editors
  • Editor sign-off

By Friprogramvaru-syndikatet


  • Manage IDs (hands etc)
  • Manage instances created in many versions of the Manuscripta schema
  • Manage comments
  • Schema validation ties to contexts (component, document, type of document)
  • IIIF image viewer
  • Manage IIIF manifest files
  • Preview


  • Switch Bootstrap 3 -> 4
  • Improve schematron handling
  • Versioning of common resources (viewer)
  • Integrate Friprogramvaru-syndikatet’s CollateX eXist-db app for collation
  • Reuse auth-db (and some other) components in search UI

Proven to be versatile

The Editor codebase is already adapted to be used by one other project, TORA-DMS (The medieval Sweden), to encode the full series of DMS with only minor changes. DMS has image viewing plus maps. The editors are already entering records.